The institution is having Academic block, Ayurvedic Hospital, Pharmacy, Herbal Garden and Hostel (Boys) in campus & Hostel (Girls) in the city. Residential composite for faculty associates, staff quarters and guest house is there as well.

Academic Block

There are 14 departments as per necessity of ‘CCIM’. In the Academic block building various Clinical & Non-Clinical departments along with accordingly attached Museums, Studious-rooms, Audio-Visual room, Dissection hall, Anatomy museum, well operational laboratories (physiological & pathological labs), Examination hall and perfectly sustained library is there.

It includes the following departments:

Non-Clinical Departments

Department of Maulika Sidhantas (Basic Principles of Ayurveda)

The Department of “Basic Principles of Ayurveda” splashes awareness in the area under discussion of ‘Sanskrit’ (Language course) and themes profoundly related with Ayurveda fundamentals in subjects like ‘Astang Haridyam’, ‘Padarth Vigyanam’, ‘History of Ayurveda’, ‘Charak Samhita (Purvardha & Utrardha)’ etc. which demonstrates the way to the ancestry of emblematic Ayurveda.

Department of Sharir Rachna (Anatomy)

The department of ‘Anatomy’ i.e. ‘Sharir Rachna Vigyanam’ is having an ideal dissection hall along with maintained Museum consisting of enormous amount of models, conserved specimens and well laminated charts for full of meaning information about the human body. On hand dissection is done on preserved cadaver.

Department of Sharir Kriya (Phisiology)

Well sustained physiological laboratory useful for learning routine investigations related to human body is there with latest equipments in the department of sharir kriya.

Department of Dravyaguna (Herbal Plants)

In the department Museum various dry drug samples, laminated charts and models related with herbal plants are demonstrated for their accurate credentials. The Herbal garden in college campus is well maintained having some distinct herbs, shrubs, flora & fauna etc.

Department of Ras-Shastra (Herbal drugs)

In this department up-to-date technical machinery is used for formulation and preparation of medication. A number of models & specimens(raw drugs, prepaired drugs), various instruments (yantras like khalva, chulla, koshti, moosha, bhatti) are held in reserve in the attached Museum and Pharmacy for enhanced awareness.

Department of Agadtantra & Vidhi Vidhayak (Toxicology & Jurisprudence)

The Museum of this department is well preserved having relevant models, specimens, charts etc in plenty which elaborates the facts about toxicology and jurisprudence in routine life.

Department of Roga Vigyanam (Pathology)

This department has Pathological Laboratory which makes available amenities for guidance of students to analyse the diverse ailments and also serves for the college hospital providing platform for all kinds of investigations related with haematology, biochemistry, serology, urine, semen, stool and sputum. Facilities like X-ray machine, E.C.G. & spirometer etc. are also there.

Clinical Departments

Department of Kayachikitsa (Medicine)

This department deals with the patients having illnesses & infections of various systems of the human body in routine life.

Department of Panchkarma (Detoxification Therapy)

This is one of the unique department of ayurveda which was earlier submerged in kayachikitsa part. This deals with the five exclusive procedures for the treatment of chronic and incurable diseases in human beings. These five course of action for detoxification are as follows:
(i) Vaman Karma (Inducing Emesis)
(ii) Virechan Karma (Inducing Purgation)
(iii) Basti chikitsa (Enema Therapy)
(iv) Nasya Karma (Nasal insufflation)
(v) Rkata Mokshana (Blood Letting)

These all are preceded by Purvakarmas like Snehana Karma (Oleation therapy) & Svedana Karma (fomentation therapy) and all are followed by paschatakarmas like Samsarjanakarma (particular Dietitic regimens).

Department of Shalya Tantra (Surgery)

Under this department students of Ayurveda learns the procedures like Kshara Sutra techniques, Agni karma, kshar karmas, raktamokshana etc. to treat the patients of piles and fistula-in-ano, skin eruptiond and other ailments.

Department of Shalakya (Eye & E.N.T.)

This department deals in therapeutic measures of the diseases related to Eyes, Nose & Throat. Specific techniques of Ayurveda like Anjana, Nasya, Gandusha, Kawaldharna and many more are practictised to treat the diseases.

Department of Stri Roga & Prasuti Tantra (Gynae. & Obstetrics)

In this department, various gynaecological illness and infections are treated. Facilities of prenatal care, delivery & postnatal care are specific. Ayurvedic measures like pichudharna, uttarbasti are also done under the guidance of experts.

Department of Bal Rog (Paediatrics)

This department is destined for infant care. Neonatal care & immunisation like amenities also there.

Potential and Academic Resources


College Library has a vast assortment of books, journals, magazines related to Ayurveda texts and also of allopathy and other alternative treatments of healthcare. There is perfect siting for the staff & students alongwith computer facility.

Audio-Visual Techniques

For better understanding of the perception of the subject, the latest teaching methods like power point slides, L.C.D. projector & overhead projectors etc. are available there.

Play Grounds

Institute has well sustained play grounds with facilities for indoor & outdoor games. Sports room has been maintained with maximum game accessories.

Transport System

The college has a semi-deluxe bus for transport purposes to pick the students and staff from city hostel and other destinations in the city.


An airy canteen to serve eatables with full hygienic conditions is also there in the college campus.


Boy’s Hostel

This is in the college campus with spacious rooms, mess facility with dining room and common relaxing room with pastime leisures like T.V etc.

Girl’s Hostel

Girls hostel is situated 2 km from the college campus in the deep of heart of the city having full security measures with airy rooms, mess facility, common recreation room etc.